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All of our products are high quality, made using the best materials. We’re known to respond rapidly to all demands from different ages as our products are made using a modern scientific base to catch up to well known international brands that resides on top of the beauty products throne.


Shine and hold

Lots of our daily products are made using materials not up to global standards and that affects hair’s health and causes it to fall out. But Newstar7 gel is made form material up to global standards which doesn’t affect hair negatively, doesn’t damage hair follicles and without and alcohol, your hair will be healthy and shines and fixed in place

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A strong hold for 48 hours

Newstar7 keep hair soft,shine and health with a long lasting hold till 48 hours.


New Star 7

Our Products

Triangular container 400 ml

A High quality product in a different style.

900 ml container

Jumbo Package for barbers

700 ml container

Xtra large

400 ml container

Easy to take along